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Zodpovězené téma  I live in Australia and am restoring a Jawa OHC 500 model 15-00 engine number 485. I need some help how to get the outer bearing shell out of the conrod bigend.. I have placed some heat on it and tried to press the outer bearing casing out, but it is very tight and I am worried about damaging the conrod.
Hope some one can help.
Rob.    [Robert Fromm 251 Jensens Rd Warwick 4370 QLD Austr]   15.02.2007 
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Zodpovězené téma  Dobri den!

I only speak a little Czech. I have a 1957 Jawa 500 ohc.

I am resoring the front forks ( Vidlice) I need the following parts to rebuild them
Durocelova pouzdro ( white plastic bushings #3 in parts manual
Tesnici Krouzek ( main fork seal #4 in parts manual)
Tesnici krouzek ( rubber sealing washer between springs #9
Plast Dolni ( lower chrome cover #17)
Pist uplny ( the long rod/piston assembly #22)

I visit the Czech Republic often and would like to find a good source for 500 ohc parts. I live in Chicago USA. Please contact me directly with email with information on a parts source.


Glenn Bukac

I visit Hradec Kralove every year and I also have been to the Velorex meet in Boskovice 5 times.    [Glenn Bukac]   06.02.2007 
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Odpověď  Thanks for your reply! I have sent you an email. Many Thanks Glenn.    [glenn]   05.02.2007
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Odpověď  Hello Glen, Pav 41, prices are between 200-400 EUR mainly depending on the condition. If you like to get one I might look for it. In any case I am not sure about the way to hook in to Vespa, you will need to figure out, that.    [JESE]   04.02.2007
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Odpověď  Or try to look on the web site, they have also e-shop with really large offer of spare parts for Jawa and CZ motorcycles. I have very good experience with them and they are able to send the parts everywhere. Alex    [alex]   29.01.2007
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Zodpovězené téma  Can anyone help me? I am looking to buy a PAv trailer to add to my Vespa Scooter. They are impossible to find here in Scotland!!
It must be complete and in good condition. Would it also be possible for the seller to arrange postage? I would obviously pay for this.! Any help is gratefully received. Ps i don't understand any Czech! Please send any information pictures etc to my email address. Many Thanks Glenn Smith.    [glenn smith]   22.01.2007 
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Odpověď  In Prague are two very good shops the first in prosek title=Odkaz target=_blank>
and the second in strašnice    [TOLI.]   10.01.2007
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Odpověď  By the way, look here:
Maybe, you will find there tyres, what you need.    [Petr Kropáček ml.]   29.12.2006
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Odpověď  Thanks again, I found most of the parts on suggested website but not all so any others suggestions are still welcome. Unfortunately I have to leave tomorrow so it looks like I will have to wait to my next visit for actually buying the parts.

By the way, great compliments for this excellent website! Lots of information, pictures, stories etc. Very good index too, everthing easy to find. Unfortunately my Czech is not very good but I am working on it (maybe one day English or German version?).

Best regards,

Miel van Aalst.

P.S. Petr K., dont worry about English, I had no problem understanding and it's far better than my Czech!    [M. van Aalst]   29.12.2006
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Odpověď  I suggest you to check offer of webshop Most of mentioned parts are there.    [JzK]   29.12.2006
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Odpověď  Hello again,

Thank you for answering my question so quickly. For the '57 type 355 I am looking for the amp.meter in the tank, an original ignition coil, a sparkplug cap, the right half of the crankcase and a crank. For the '62 type 354 I am looking for the rear chain sprocket (47 teeth), complete exhaust system (pipes and mufflers), the original Barum tyres with the original profile and an 6V electronic ignition set. I hope you can help me.

Best regards,

Miel van Aalst.    [M. van Aalst]   29.12.2006
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Odpověď  It's difficult to say.
You must write, what you're looking for, because here aren't any shop, where you would get all parts for so old bikes.
You can buy some trifles in Prague- Prosek (parts what are same with younger Jawas).
Oldtimer fans in Czech Republic must buy parts by advertising, or buy new parts from little producers (short choice).
What you need for these motorbikes?

Excuse my horrible english, I haven't talk for long time.    [Petr Kropáček ml.]   27.12.2006
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Odpověď  Tuš chlopi z Hlavního Města, kde sežene nějaký ty věci na kejvačky?    [JzK]   27.12.2006
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Zodpovězené téma  Hello fellow Jawa-enthousiasts,

I was wondering if anyone could help me with a suggestion for a good and reliable adress in or near Prague where I could get parts for my '57 Jawa/CZ type 355 and '62 Jawa type 354. I am currently staying with my familiy in Prague and was hoping to be able to buy some parts before I have to leave. I hope anyone can help me. Thanks!

Best regards,

Miel van Aalst.    [M. van Aalst]   27.12.2006 
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Odpověď  Ohledně Jawy S-554 šestidenní. Právě jsem dokončil celkovou renovaci téhle Jawy 350 s 360 stupňovou klikovou hřídelí. Ve Švédské příručcce (1965) pro armádní Jawy popisují karburátor Jikov 2928 s hlavní tryskou 133. Ale v příručce o údržbě Jawy (Finsko, 1962) jsem našel tuhle Jawu s Jikovem 2926SBD s hlavní tryskou 98. S 28mm karburátorem jede Jawa dobře jen s hlavní tryskou 115 a 26 mm karburátor s hlavní tryskou 98 rovněž vede k dobrým výsledkům.
Užití 28mm karburátoru a 133 trysky ústí v problémy ve vyšších otáčkách a rychlostech a hodně mokrým svíčkám. Nevíte odkud pocházejí tyhle rozdíly v příručkách a chování motoru? Jsou nějaké rozdíly mezi vojenskými a civilními modely anebo byly úplně jiné? Shledával jsem typy 554/01 až do 554/05 jako různé, ale nemůžu najít žádné rozdíly. Pokud byste věděli něco více o historii 554 moc rád bych se to od vás doslechl.
Předem díky za vaši pomoc. S úctou Bram Hartman, Nizozemí
    [JzK]   30.11.2006
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Zobrazit fotografiiOdpověď  About Jawa S-554 Six Days.
I just finished the complete overhaul and restoration of this Jawa 350cc Twin with 360 degree crankcase.
In the Swedish handboek(1965) for the military Jawa they prescribe a Jikov 2928 carburettor with main jet 133. But in a Jawa maintenance book (Finnish, 1962) I found for this Jawa a Jikov 2926SBD with main jet 98.
With the 28 mm carburettor the Jawa only runs good with a main jet 115 and also good results with the 26mm carburettor and main jet 98.
Using the 28mm one with 133 jet results in problems at higher revolutions and higher speed, and very wet sparkplugs.
Do you know where these differences in the handbooks en behaviour of the engine come from? Are there differences between the militair and civil type or were there different types? I found type 554/01 until 554/05 as different types but I can not find the differences.
If you should know some more about the 554 history, I should like to hear from you.
I thank you in advance for your help.
Best regards, Bram Hartman, The Netherlands.    [Bram Hartman The Netherlands]   24.11.2006
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Odpověď  I suggest you to mail scanned profile of original rubber trim to these factories:
Both have their wep pages in english. Other parts can be found at online shop
Good luck :-D    [JzK]   02.11.2006
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Zodpovězené téma  Could anyone help me with my PAV. I am restoring a 41 and I am looking for a spare parts web site. Especially for the rubber trim inside the lid.
Any help greatly appreciated :)    [James]   30.10.2006 
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Zodpovězené téma  Any topic concernig Czech (mainly) vintage car or bike is welcome here. Foreigners don`t hesitate to ask please.    [JzK]   11.10.2006 
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