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About Jawa S-554 Six Days.
I just finished the complete overhaul and restoration of this Jawa 350cc Twin with 360 degree crankcase.
In the Swedish handboek(1965) for the military Jawa they prescribe a Jikov 2928 carburettor with main jet 133. But in a Jawa maintenance book (Finnish, 1962) I found for this Jawa a Jikov 2926SBD with main jet 98.
With the 28 mm carburettor the Jawa only runs good with a main jet 115 and also good results with the 26mm carburettor and main jet 98.
Using the 28mm one with 133 jet results in problems at higher revolutions and higher speed, and very wet sparkplugs.
Do you know where these differences in the handbooks en behaviour of the engine come from? Are there differences between the militair and civil type or were there different types? I found type 554/01 until 554/05 as different types but I can not find the differences.
If you should know some more about the 554 history, I should like to hear from you.
I thank you in advance for your help.
Best regards, Bram Hartman, The Netherlands.