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Skoda 30 tractor
Hi everybody!

I'm new overhere. I am Patrick, 22 years old and I'm from Holland.
My hobby is to restore, drive and work with oldtimer tractors.

Last year I bought a Skoda 30 with cabine. Now I am looking for information and other people who have a Skoda 30 or restored one. I also can use tips and tricks.

My tractor is running a bit on 1 cilinder on gasoline now. I've drained the old (yellow?) diesel, cleaned the fuel tanks, installed a diesel filter and repaired the carberator. I checked the fuel lines, these seem to be okay. I also checked the fuel line wich is going to the injectors, and there is no diesel spraying. I think maybe the dieselpump doesn't work? The sparkplugs are working.

Please let me know something.

Thank you very much!